No matter who you are, where you are on your life journey, or where you come from, you are welcome at Cass Community United Methodist Church.

We value inclusivity and love above all.  We strive to make the environment of Cass Community United Methodist Church as safe and welcoming as it can possibly be.

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Our Beliefs

At Cass Community United Methodist Church, all are welcome.  We welcome the sick and the poor, the rich, and the filthy rich.  We welcome LGBTQIA+ members of our community.  No matter your race, ethnicity, economic status, whether you are a recovered addict or are still using, we welcome you.

Cass Community United Methodist Church values an openly inclusive space to share, love and spread acceptance.

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COVID-19 Updates:

Cass Community United Methodist Church has moved back into the sanctuary.  We will practice social distancing and encourage mask wearing as appropriate You will be asked to use hand sanitizer before entering the space.

Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month.

In addition, services will continue to be broadcast via Facebook Live.  Whatever way you choose to join us for worship, we hope to see you soon.

Physical Address:

3901 Cass Ave., Detroit, MI  48201

Mailing Address:

PO Box 2427, Detroit, MI  48202

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